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Going to bat for you

“I would like to thank Charles for his assistance in providing a thorough and complete review of our situation. Charles has a passion for what he does and it is evident that he is an expert with a very clear and concise communication style.”

Insurance Dispute Client

“This is very good news, and not that surprising to me. You did such an outstanding job at trial. I very much anticipated a judgment in this range after sitting through the trial.”

Non-Profit Organization Executive Client

“Charles was a stranger turned quick-trusted friend; steering me in the right direction to pursue my legal matter. Charles Horowitz will remain my legal advisor and trusted friend.”

Non-Competition Agreement Client

“I’m currently in my eighteenth year as a private professional fiduciary. I’ve always appreciated and respected the way attorneys think and how they’re so good on their feet and how they’re so good at writing effectively. Regarding the ability to put it all together as a communicator, let me say it this way: If you’re not in a class by yourself, it sure doesn’t take long to call the roll.”

Personal Representative

“Charles is a personable and knowledgeable attorney. I have sent my own clients to him on several occasions for employment-related matters and never heard anything but positive reports back. He has also answered my own questions on employment-related matters thoroughly and thoughtfully.”

Minnesota Attorney

“Charles is a dedicated advocate and tenacious litigator with particular expertise in noncompetes, executive severance negotiations, insurance coverage disputes and commercial litigation and I recommend him highly.”

Minnesota Attorney

“Professional and creative, Charles shows a superior understanding of the law and dedicates himself to his clients’ well being. I unreservedly recommend him for anybody in need of top level corporate or personal representation.”

Client Seeking Unemployment Appeal

“For many years, I viewed the legal profession as ‘just in it for the money,’ but your conduct, your attention to detail and your willingness to always keep me in the loop by asking my thoughts on the matter have opened my eyes… Not that my opinion means a hill of beans to anyone, but I wanted to say that you made an impact on my life.”

Corrections Officer Client

“A sincere thank you for your diligence and perseverance in my very difficult, complicated case and, particularly at the end of mediation, for your extreme patience with me while I was losing my patience with the whole process. I hope I will not need your services in the future, but would not hesitate to contact you if needed!”

Dental Hygienist Client

“I have worked closely with Charles on a number of high-stakes, complex litigation matters. Charles has a keen sense for the law and high ethical standards, which serves his clients well inside the courtroom and out. Charles is extremely intelligent, analytical, and devoted to his clients’ best interests.”

Minnesota Attorney

“Charles is an extremely knowledgeable and detailed oriented attorney, making working with him a genuine pleasure. Charles creates a plan with clear cut goals, and communicates clearly and succinctly his progress. I thoroughly enjoy Charles as a person.”

Insurance Dispute Client

“During my time I worked with Charles, learned a great deal from him about advocacy, legal brief writing, commitment to ethics, and managing client expectations. Those are critical skills for lawyers in any setting. I’d highly recommend Charles for matters that involve complexity and critical analysis.”

Minnesota Attorney

“I worked alongside Charles for six years in a fast-paced litigation environment. We worked together on cases in multiple practice areas, including employment law, insurance, and defamation. I recommend Charles highly for any position involving litigation. He is highly knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and does an excellent job of interacting with clients.”

Minnesota Attorney

“Charles brings a great depth of law, understanding, patience and zeal to help his client. He is a tireless advocate and is fair. I have enjoyed working with him on several cases and look forward to new opportunities to work with him.”

Minnesota Attorney

“Charles is an exemplary attorney, not only in employment law but in all areas. His dedication and enthusiasm show immediately to clients and colleagues alike.”

Minnesota Attorney