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Practice Areas
Minnesota Employment, Business, Consumer Rights and Insurance Law

Employment Law

  • Wage and Overtime Issues
  • Non-Competes and Trade Secrets
  • Executive Severance and Contract Negotiation
  • Whistleblower Claims
  • Professional Licensing
  • Discrimination (Age, Race, Gender, Disability)
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Public Sector, including Veteran’s Preference
  • Unemployment Insurance Appeals
Going to Bat for You


Attorneys practicing in the area of employment law tend to represent either employers or employees exclusively. I prefer a different approach, having represented both in a variety of disputes over the years. This broad perspective allows me to appreciate the other side’s legal, business and financial considerations, in order to make the best strategic decisions as your case progresses from initial intake to final resolution.

I have extensive experience litigating claims on behalf of individual employees and classes of employees in the above listed areas. I am especially proud of my service to veterans of our armed forces, and medical professionals (physicians and nurses) in matters before the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice and the Minnesota Board of Nursing.

Employment Practices, Handbooks, and Audits

For owners of small to medium sized companies, what you do not know about employment law cannot just hurt you. It can literally destroy your business. Companies doing business in Minnesota are subject to a dizzying array of federal, state and local laws, statutes and ordinances.

For a modest cost, I will conduct a comprehensive employment practices audit to assist your business in avoiding costly, time consuming and potentially catastrophic lawsuits and administrative charges. The cost of such an audit, and any necessary employee handbook or noncompetition agreement, is a tiny fraction of the money it can save if you take a do-it-yourself or do-nothing approach.

Business Ownership Disputes

  • “Freeze Outs” and Oppression of Minority (under 50%) Owners of LLCs, Partnerships and Closely Held Corporations
  • Ownership Rights and Disputes
  • Wrongful Termination

Minnesota law contains some of the most shareholder friendly protections in the nation, applicable to individuals holding minority interests in closely held corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and partnerships. By statute and decisional law, such persons have a host of potential legal remedies to redress unfair and oppressive conduct by majority shareholders, whether arising from disputes over company control, distributions or employment.

To give but one example, a shareholder in a closely held corporation or LLC member may, based on the particular circumstances of the company’s establishment, operation and documents, have a “reasonable expectation of continued employment” under which he or she may only be removed from employment for good cause shown, an exception to Minnesota’s presumption of at-will employment. Other states, such as Delaware, do not recognize this legal right. I have litigated and resolved out of court shareholder disputes over many years, and appreciate all of the legal nuances necessary for a successful outcome.

Insurance Claims

  • Wrongful or Bad Faith Denial of Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Broker Negligence
  • Homeowners, Automobile and Business Insurance Coverage

Minnesota was one of the last states to recognize a legal claim for bad faith denial of first party insurance claims. First party insurance indemnifies the policy owner in the event of a loss his or her property, be it a home, boat or vehicle. Similar to my experiences in employment law representing both plaintiffs and defendants, I have extensive background and training in prosecuting and defending insurance claims.

In the early part of my legal career, I served as an in-house claims analyst and insurance defense attorney, representing several national insurance companies. I use this knowledge and experience to find insurance coverage for policy owners and to negotiate successful resolution of their claims. I have also represented policyholders in suits against brokers or agents based on their negligence in failing to obtain policies that provide appropriate coverage.

Contracts, Leases, and Business Disputes

Did you know that a handshake, with minor exceptions, is a legally enforceable contract? The problem with verbal agreements is proving the terms of the agreement, due to mistaken understandings or (sometimes) convenient bouts of amnesia. Enforcement of verbal agreements in court can be expensive, distracting and time consuming.

I am available to provide guidance to businesses and individuals to appropriately document their agreements to avoid these kinds of misunderstandings, and am available to serve as your lawyer to enforce your legal rights in the event of a breach of contract, including lease disputes.

Consumer Law

  • Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Trade Practices
  • Unfair Debt Collection Practices

I am proud of my extensive background in consumer law, having participated in numerous nationwide and statewide class action lawsuits involving deceptive trade practices and consumer fraud in the areas of lending and banking. I apply this background and experience to individual claims, whether they involve lending law violations (including HAMP, foreclosure and other home mortgage issues), inflated insurance charges, unfair debt collection practices, and others.

Civil Rights & Tort Law

  • Excessive Use of Force by Law Enforcement Officers
  • Interference with contract and business relations
  • Defamation
  • Personal Injury

Our federal and state constitutions guarantee citizens the right to be free of excessive force by police officers engaged in their official duties. The law also protects us from defamatory statements, written or verbal, that harm our personal and business reputations.

I have represented numerous individuals and businesses in civil claims running the gamut from defamation, civil rights violations, legal malpractice, personal injury and others. If you think that your legal rights have been violated, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.