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Helping business and individual clients reach their goals through effective, ethical advocacy.

My Values

Since entering into private practice in 1995, my guiding principles have always been, and will always remain:

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One of the most frequently heard complaints against lawyers is poor communication. I make it a point to return calls and emails promptly, usually within an hour or two, but in no event in more than a day.

Result-driven Minneapolis Lawyer


I strive for creative, cost-effective resolutions to complex, seemingly intractable legal problems. My achievements have included a $240,000 judgment after trial in a fiduciary breach lawsuit and a $275,000 settlement of a civil rights case involving excessive force by a sheriff’s deputy against a law-abiding civilian.

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Your chances for success in legal disputes are increased by retaining a lawyer who is fully versed in the law. Since graduating in the top quarter of my law school class at Washington University in St. Louis, I have never ceased being a student of the law, staying abreast of trends and developments in multiple areas. I implement this knowledge on behalf of my clients using superior advocacy skills, honed through many years of legal practice.

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Times are hard. With me, you will attain results at a reasonable cost, including (where appropriate) flat fee and contingency fee based legal services. Your best financial interests are mine. If circumstances warrant a negotiated resolution instead of a protracted legal battle, I will provide the facts and analysis necessary for you to make the best informed, most prudent financial decision. I profit far more from referrals given by satisfied clients than extra dollars generated through needless litigation.

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Legal Ethics

I firmly believe that legal ethics, like business ethics, is not an oxymoron. Doing the “right thing” often, if not invariably, has a direct, bottom-line benefit. I strive to zealously protect and promote my clients’ legal rights, while adhering at all times to the ethical rules that attorneys are sworn to uphold.